Xyntec Automation Inc.

Converber Version History

2011-04-26: v2.3.1
 · Windows Vista and Windows 7 options and updates bug fixes

2011-11-26: v2.3.0
 · Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility improvements
 · Added Arabic and Croatian language files
 · Updated Hungarian, Italiano and Norwegian language files

2009-10-16: v2.2.1
 · Fixed transparency bug (Thanks Andrea!)
 · Updated Slovak language file

2009-10-14: v2.2.0
 · Fixed major options dialog bug (Thanks nimicitor!)
 · Fixed roman numeral bug (Thanks Dhanasekar!)
 · Updated several languages

2009-09-18: v2.1.0
 · Fixed check for updates bug (Thanks Victor!)
 · Updated status bar
 · Improved find dialog

2009-09-10: v2.0.0
 · Added icon toolbar
 · Added status bar
 · Fixed searching bug

2008-10-10: v1.8.0
 · Enhanced the favorites option to allow multiple instances of the same unit (Thanks Nick!)
 · Remembers last options tab selected
 · Fixed sticky hotkeys
 · Fixed input box size bug (Thanks to several users!)
 · Fixed child windows appearing partly off-screen (Thanks total recycling!)
 · Fixed rare copy bug (Thanks kd!)

2008-01-31: v1.7.1
 · Fixed conversion file update always reporting "No update is currently available"
 · Fixed roman to arabic numeral bug which crawled in with the new inline calculator (Thanks Giuseppe!)
 · Fixed language files being updated incorrectly during automatic update

2008-01-24: v1.7.0
 · Now supports inline calculations such as multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and more
 · Update conversion file re-located
 · Conversion file update is now date based rather than file size based improving reliability
 · Conversion file editor delete function is faster
 · Fixed scientific notation minus sign moving to front of calculation result (Thanks Stefano, Slava and Miroslaw!)
 · Fixed decimal symbol (,) converting as integers only (Thanks Cabrao and Nicola!)

2007-10-22: v1.6.0
 · Added extensive number formatting
 · Added ability to run external program, such as a calculator
 · Added option to allow for multiple instances
 · Dramatically increased USB flash drive response times for calculation results and exiting app
 · Allowed for much smaller window sizes
 · Added option to move input boxes from the bottom of the interface to the top
 · Added option to exit on escape
 · Fixed language file update bug (Thanks Fish!)
 · Attempted to fix small font size on high resolution monitors

2007-1-24: v1.5.0
 · Program updates will now allow users to update Converber automatically, if desired
 · Added currency category updated daily
 · Added conversion file update button to quickly update currency rates
 · Fixed large fonts on file menu causing inputs to disappear off the bottom of the GUI (Thanks Wayne!)
 · Fixed off-line update check bug (Thanks Len!)

2006-8-1: v1.4.0
 · Another dramatic speed increase when lists are populated (YMMV)
 · Added a fuel consumption/gas mileage category

2006-3-13: v1.3.0
 · Added offset correction for meter value compensation
 · Fixed base conversions using lowercase letters (Thanks Charles!)
 · Fixed liter (1901-1964) and quart (qt) (UK) conversions (Thanks Jack!)
 · Fixed Conversions.ini file causing Windows 9x bug (Thanks Brian!)

2006-2-9: v1.2.1
 · Fixed language file bug (Thanks Zappa!)

2006-2-8: v1.2.0
 · Added Find/Search dialog
 · Unveiled back and forward shortcut keys (Win2000/XP five-button mouse aware)
 · Added online help file option
 · Fixed language file bug (Thanks Kaloyan!)

2005-11-10: v1.1.1
 · Fixed preference file bug introduced in v1.1.0

2005-11-7: v1.1.0
 · Added option for single or multiple preference file(s) for different users (Thanks Demetris)

2005-8-2: v1.0.0
 · Dramatic speed increase when lists are populated (YMMV)
 · Fixed thousands(M) conversion of Arabic to Roman numerals (Thanks jxtro!)
 · Various other bug fixes

2005-7-18: v0.9.0
 · Favorites menu to add and delete favorite unit conversions
 · Interface can now be resized and maximized
 · Added installation directory to About dialog box
 · Show uninstall registry key being added in install and uninstall detail box
 · Added options to check for new conversion file and/or new language file
 · Added ini entries to recall units last selected in individual categories
 · Sped up the display time of the lists when refreshed
 · Fixed close on minimize bug
 · Fixed transparency Ok and Cancel buttons

2005-6-3: v0.8.0
 · Removed tray icon (Thanks Peter!)
 · Changed shortcut to copy result to clipboard from Ctrl+R to Ctrl+C
 · Corrected nanometer conversion (Thanks Ian!)
 · Added German language file (Thanks Zappa!)
 · Added more units bringing the total to 514

2005-4-26: v0.7.0
 · Added selection to show either common units or ALL units
 · Added option to use either "e" or "E" to introduce the exponent
 · Trimmed large equation file AGAIN by over 50% (Custom equation files created using v0.6.0 remain valid)
 · Created elaborate spreadsheet to provide more accuracy and precision
 · Fixed visibility while using on a remote desktop, such as VNC
 · Added "check for update during startup" option

2005-3-23: v0.6.0
 · Added on-line help file option
 · Fixed font bug for vertical text (Thanks YDY!)
 · Trimmed large equation file AGAIN by over 50% (Apologies to those with custom equation files, but this should be the last time)
 · Re-hauled the code to work with the slimmer equation file

2005-3-18: v0.5.0
 · Added decimal-point precision and scientific notation options
 · Added Frequency category
 · Split Light category into Lumination and Illumination
 · Using new smaller and more configurable installer

2005-2-25: v0.4.1
 · Added the option to check for updates
 · Fixed version identification
 · Fixed some translation bugs

2005-2-23: v0.4.0
 · Added the option to select a category
 · Trimmed fat equation file by over 65%
 · Re-hauled the code to work with the slimmer equation file

2005-2-9: v0.3.0
 · Added interface to add your own custom units and conversion equations, as well as your own conversion files.
 · Added the option to select or unselect conversion files from being listed
 · Added the option to edit language files from the Language dialog box
 · Changed the structure of the help file
 · Tweaked the code to make start-up look faster

 2005-1-25: v0.2.0
 · Added option to select the number of significant digits of the output
 · Added Swap button to allow for quicker unit change
 · Added category display to give further information
 · Organized and cleaned up the code (new bug potential)

 2005-1-18: v0.1.0
 · Initial Release