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Our team of dedicated professional engineers can provide you with services in automatic control system design and implementation. No matter what your application is: pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, petroleum, automotive, shipbuilding, paper, etc. we can increase your production, quality, and plant safety, while decreasing the manpower needed to operate your facility.


Individually tailored on-line expert systems can be designed to give the plant enough intelligence to make decisions based on the latest information from the plant as well as learned experience. Once the combined knowledge about a process is developed and stored, operator instincts can give way to reasoning. Operators can make timely decisions, without having to think through complex process/quality relationships.

In the classical sense, the process is modeled using mathematical equations to perform control system theory analysis and run computer simulations. We can develop the scope of work, cost estimates, specifications, detailed engineering drawings, and finally build and install the system. All phases of start-up are managed until an optimally tuned control system is attained for your process.


On-site training can be provided for the operators and support staff. All engineering drawings will be generated using computer-aided design. Programmable logic controller, distributed control systems, robotics, vision system, and expert system configurations and documentation will be provided in hardcopy and on diskette.

Xyntec has been structured to take part in any or all phases of the project and tailor the project per customer needs. Our contract will only be fulfilled once you are completely satisfied will all phases of the project and the operation of the system.

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